Quality management system.

SE “Shipyard named after 61 Communards”

Since September 2003 Quality management system has been implemented, documented and supported and is also permanently developing at the SE “Shipyard named after 61 Communards”. Quality management system, which is a continuation and improvement of former complex system of management quality of production being in service at the enterprise earlier and responsible for quality of product and its testing, is in accordance with the requirements of international standard EN ISO 9001: 2000 “Quality management system-the requirements”.

In July 2004 Quality management system of SE “Shipyard named after 61Communards” was certified by German Lloyd and on 30th of August 2004 the enterprise was given the Certificate No QS 3132» НН on the functioning system of quality management in the area of construction and repair of ships, floating structures and manufacturing of metal constructions, that meets the requirements of international DIN EN ISO 9001: 2000 standard “Quality management system-the requirements”.

The purpose of the Quality management system is the management of SE “Shipyard named after 61 Communards” by means of systematic and obvious way in order to permanently improve the effectiveness and efficiency of activity indexes by means of accounting the customers and consumers requirements of the parties concerned.

The Quality management system functions at all the stages of production output from analyses of the Customers requirements up to a transfer of the ready-made product to them and represents in itself an aggregate of organizational structure, procedures and resources necessary to manage the quality.

Implementation of Quality management system is a strategic decision of the enterprise having the following purposes:

- Perfection of quality of construction and repair of ships, floating structures and manufacturing of metal structures;

- Keeping the Customers assure that the enterprise takes measures for permanent perfection of the quality;

- Permanent perfection of the capability to answer expectations of the Customers.

Processes in service at the enterprise under the Quality management system:
Principal processes:
1. Processes related to a Customer
2. Planning
3. Production

System processes:
4. Documentation,
5. Management
6. Measurement, analysis and perfection

Auxiliary processes:
7. Human resources
8. Infrastructure and production enviroments
9. Procurement

Guidelines of the Quality management system are Manual on quality, system and operational Methods, the state, branch-wise standards and enterprises of Ukraine standards in service, job descriptions and provisions of organizations development.

The representative of the administration accountable for Quality management system in SE “Shipyard named after 61 Communards” is a Director for Quality, whose organization development includes production control dept. (PCD), chief metrology dept. (CMD), shipyard’s centralized laboratory (SCL) and quality group (QG).

CMD exercises quality control over the make production, its acceptance in accordance with standards and customers requirements at every stage of production.

CMD and SCL have necessary instrumentation and equipment to effect in full the measurements of physical magnitudes, chemical composition, physical, chemical and other determinations and attributes of substances, materials and products to provide stable output of highest quality produce and effective use of material resources, labor protection and environment.

Chief metrology dept. laboratories and SCL are accredited and certified by Nikolaev regional center of standardization, metrology and certification as well as shipping Registers of Ukraine and Russia.

The main purpose of the quality team is:

а) provision of development, implementation and effective functioning of Quality management system for a job and output;
б) Arrangement of work coordination on job and output quality management;
в) Perfection of the system of output quality management.

The shipyard has the necessary equipment and personnel to construct and repair the ships, floating structures, metal structures subject to the requirements of the customers.

The operating Quality management system allows to build the ships and floating structures for any purpose in accordance with the requirements of the customers, classification societies, technical characteristics and specifications.

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