Technical possibilities of the shipyard

    Production capacities of the enterprise are amassed in 286 industrial buildings and in 165 industrial structures. The total production area of the enterprise makes 125.5 thousand square meters.
    The disposed production capacities together with the highly qualified personnel allow to manufacture high quality produce that meets up-to-date requirements.
    The enterprise traditionally carries out it's production activities in the following directions: Резка  листа на машине Кристалл.


    The experience of large capacity vessels and various class ships construction amassed at the enterprise during the post World War II period allows to build cargo vessels (refrigerator ships, bulkers, container carriers), special vessels (rescue vessels, tugs, fishery vessels) as well as the ships for the Navy and marine guard units.

Main features of the shipbuilding production

    Manufacturing of hull parts are produced in the specialized workshop with production area of 14.2 thousand square meters.
    Rolled metal going into for manufacturing of the parts is undergone to preliminary machining including cleaning to Sa 2*1/2 and inter operation priming. Manufacturing of parts is done by means of heat-cutting on programmed numerical control cutting machines, semi-automatic machines and with guillotines. Parts' bending is done on hydraulic pressers and bending rolls.
    Sections' manufacturing is done in assembly and welding workshop with production area of 16.4 thousand square meters.
    Semi-automatic welding of carbon and alloyed steel is done with domestic equipment of "Granit-3" type and automatic welding is done with A2 equipment of ESAB company. Welding of alloys on aluminium and copper basis is done with units of 500 type and PRS-630 machine type. Welders are certified by register of shipping rules and German Lloyd.
Заказ 1148 на стапеле №3

Hulls' shaping is done on three inclined building berths with the following dimensions: The building berths are fitted out with bridge cranes of 30t lifting capacity and gantry cranes of 100t lifting capacity.

Заказ 2011 у достроечной набережной     Outfitting of the vessels and mooring tests are conducted at the outfitting quays on both banks of Ingul river. The quays for outfitting total length is 1248 meters. The quays are fitted out with every kind of power supply to the vessels and are fitted out with 10 gantry cranes of 10-50 t lifting capacity.
    Outfitting of the vessels includes mechanical and assembly work, installation of articles, mechanisms equipping of the rooms, insulation work.
    Painting work of the vessels is done during the period of construction on the berth and vessels' outfitting. This work is made by specialized workshop, which carries out the covering with varnishes and paints of domestic and leading European manufacturers. Preparation of metal surfaces before regular painting process is up to the Sa 2 1/2grade.
    The shipyard manufactures the pipes for vessel systems using special production capacities on the production area of 5670 square meters.
    This capacities include the set of necessary technological equipment of pipe production for different vessel systems (including hydraulic drives and ones for respiratory gas mixtures). The largest dimensions of the manufactured bent pipes (diameter x side thickness) are:

Mechanical engineering

3й пролет цеха № 23     Production capacities available enable the shipyard to produce various nomenclature of articles of general, transport and power (licensed articles for nuclear power stations) engineering.
    The workshops of mechanical engineering production are equipped with necessary machining equipment to a sufficient extent. Metal cutting equipment comprises 536 machine tools including 68 programmed numerical tools and stock of press-forging equipment comprises 207 units.

    Basic performances of machine- building production:
Tecnnological characteristicsValue
Machining accuracyIT7....IT9
Roughness degreeUp to RA 0.32
The largest dimensions of the parts under machining :
  • "shaft" type mm
  • "barrel" type mm
  • "case" type (length, width, height) m
  • "guide" type (length, width, height) m
500; L=5000
2000; h=1000
Dimensions of hydraulic cylinders, mmfrom 32 to 100; Lmax=750
Gear wheels, pinions ( spur gearing, helical gearing, bevel gearing), worm gears, mmFrom M1 and 40
to M10 and 800
Special fasteners ( steel 45, steel 35, bronze, brass), mmFrom M6 to M42
Largest forging mass, kg50
The largest dimensions of parts coated (length, width, height) m under:
  • Hot galvanizing
  • Galvanizing
  • Ammoniate galvanizing
  • Cadmium plating
  • Multi- layer chromium plating
3,8 x 0,8 x 1,0
5,0 x 1,0 x 2,0
to М 42
1,5 x 0,6 x 1,0
1,8 x 0,6 x 0,7
The largest masses of parts under thermal treatment, kg under:
  • hardening
  • hardening and normalizing
  • casehardening with carbon

Ship repairing

    Possibilities of the enterprise in ship repairing are based on the shipbuilding and machine building production capacities and are defined by the performances of the floating dock:

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