Фрегат Флора 1818г.

    1788 - the year of foundation of Nikolaev Admiralty (the first name of the shipyard).
    1789 - the first 44-cannon frigate "The Snt. Nickolas" was launched with following series of battleships to defend south borders of Russian Empire.
    1851 - by the admiral's Lazarev order the fist considerable reconstruction of the shipyard was realized.

Броненосец Потемкин 1905г.     1856-1867 -the period of battleships construction. From this series of warships the most important historical mission fall to the armored battleship " The Prince Potyomkin Tavrichesky" . The shipyard built battleships till 1910.
    1911-1914 - on the left bank of the Ingul River two building berths with slip-ways, assembling and welding workshop , a number of buildings and outfitting wharf were built. The shipyard got new name - "Russud". Battleships, cruisers, storm-boats that were built at the shipyard were the best vessels of its class at the period.

Спасательное судно Эльбрус 1979 г.     From 1931 when the shipyard was named after 61 Communards torpedo-boat destroyers, destroyers and submarines, supply vessels for Navy, including rescue vessels of various purposes equipped with deep-water operation systems were built. Warships that were built at the shipyard always excelled by their high performance, quality and reliability. About one third of Navy of former USSR were built at our shipyard.
    1938 -building berth No. 3 was built. After its reconstruction in 1986 it has the dimensions 218 x 42 meters and allows to launch vessels with hulls' weights up to 28000 tonnes. On the right bank of Ingul River the machine-fitting and assembly-outfitting workshops (1970), outfitting wharf (1986), the largest workshop with up-to-date equipment for producing engineering products (1988), regular anchorage of floating-dock (1987), power network and structures were built as well as building of two open building berths with the dimensions of 220 x 26 meters each (1987).

Ракетный крейсер Москва 1999г.     In July 1999 the shipyard finished the repairing and delivered strike missile cruiser "Moscow" to the Russia's Department of Defence. From April 1999 the outfitting work on the flagship of Ukrainian Navy - missile cruiser "Ukraine" began. Having traditional long-term experience and skilled personnel the shipyard is ready for construction of new generation warships, proposals of which you can find in the section Product Catalogue.

Спуск рефрижератора 260 тыс. куб.футов
    Since 1960th our Shipyard has been building reefer vessels for a merchant fleet. 90 vessels from 260 up to 500 thousand cu.ft. capacity were build and 25 of them delivered for export. Since 1991 our Shipyard cooperates with the Greece company "Laskaridis Shipping Company Ltd" and since 1997 with the joint Ukraine-Greece venture "Yugreftransflot-Lavinia". During the cooperation 15 reefer ships were delivered to the Customer and 2 reefer vessels for the company "Yugreftransflot-Lavinia" are under construction now.
    During the period of 2001-2003 the Shipyard built and delivered 3 hulls of supply vessels and 2 hulls of arctic trawlers to the Bergen Yards AS Norway company. Norwegian shipbuilders highly appreciated professionalism and quality of the work carried out by the shipbuilders in Nikolaev.
    In April - May of 2003 two contracts were signed with the French company Vopak LMF on manufacturing of the special foundations and renovation of the barges for the drilling platform modules transportation.
    June 14, 2003 the contract was signed with the Delta - Pilot state enterprise on building of the multi-purpose tug boat L=34м with a tractive force of 60t.
    27 October 2003 a contract on construction of ice-breaker was concluded with Delta-Pilot state company.
    30 January 2004 a contract was concluded with Factoria Naval de Marin s.a. Spanish firm on construction of 2 (+2) hulls of 4500 dwt bulk carriers. 5 November and 24 December 2004 the first and second hulls were laid.
    27 March 2004 a contract was concluded with Havyard Leirvik AS Norwegian firm on construction of 99.8 m long ice breaker hull. On October 8, 2004 the ceremonial laying of the hull took place. The General customer of the complete vessel is the Russia's Sevmorneftegas company. On October 9, 2004 a contract was signed on construction of the second hull of the ice breaker.
    On April 21, 2005 the contracts were concluded with Factoria Naval de Marin s.a. Spanish firm on construction of three (+2) hulls of 4500 dwt bulk carriers that is sequential construction of a series of container ships.

Рефрижератор 500 тыс. куб. футов     Today the shipyard is an active enterprise which have the real orders and has the abilities of building new projects.

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