Reefer vessel of 261 000 cu.ft. holds capacity

Reefer vessel design concept

    The vessel is designed for transportation of refrigerated cargo (including bananas, fruits and refrigerated lading), general cargo (packaged and in piece), containers in holds and on upper deck hatches. The vessel is equipped with a portable gas unit to transport fruits and vegetables in low percentage oxygen atmosphere.
    Navigation range is unrestricted including summer time arctic navigation in rare broken ice and all a year round sailing in non-arctic freezing seas in light ice conditions.
    Class- this type of vessel is built in compliance with German Lloyd Class rules and under it's supervision.
Main data
Max. length133,95 m
Length between perpendiculars119,9 m
Width18,0 m
Depth to the Upper deck10,7 m
Draught specification (bananas cargo)5,29 m
Draught summer load mark6,48 m
Deadweight (at T=5.29 m)3160 t
Deadweight (at T=6.48 m)5234 t
Tonnage by MK-69 : GT
Class :GL +100 5 3 "Refrigerated Cargo Ship",
"Equipped for carriage of containers + 3 U + Z CA mob
ME Maximum continuous rating (MCR)5100 kW
Service speed :
At T=5.29 m
At T=6.48 m
17,3 knots
16,2 knots
Range :12000 miles, max.18000 miles
Cargo holds performance:
     -bale capacity
     -cargo area of decks
7620 cub m
2957 square m
Container capacity:
In holds 20:'
on upper deck 20'
on first tier deck 20'
on hatch covers 20'

total: 20'

89/41 ref.
32/22 ref.
Maximum mass of cargo on decks460 tonnes
Accommodation berths32

The ship is intended for transportation:

Power unit

    Main Engine of the ship is a low-speed two-stroke Diesel engine manufactured at Bryansk machine-building plant (Russia) by the license of MAN B&W , 6DKPN 42/136-10 c of maximum continuous rating (MCR) 5100 kW at 160 revolutions per minute.
    Power plant consists of 3 Diesel generators about 550 kW, 400V, 50H ,Cos y =0.8 each one.
    Whole ship operation including operation of refrigerating plant, cargo holds in "Cool down" mode and maneuvering are provided with 3 Diesel generators, one of them permanently in reserve.
    Power plant includes one emergency Diesel generator of 110kW,400V, 50H, Cosy=0.8
    Auxiliary boil plant is made of steam boiler of 3000 kg/hour capacity , working pressure 7.0 atm and waste-heat boiler mounted on ME gas exhauster of 700 kg/hour capacity, 8 atm.

Refrigerating plant. Design of cargo holds.

    Refrigerating plant is intended to keep up temperatures within -30+13 C to transport perishable cargo including bananas.
    Accuracy of cooled air temperature control at the outlet of air cooler is better than 0.15 C while transporting fruits and vegetables and better than 0.5C while shipping refrigerated cargoes.
    Refrigerating plant provides thermal treatment and keeping cargo in 8 cooled temperature-independent spaces simultaneously.
    Refrigerating plant is made on the basis of three Hladon-22 screw-compressor units with smooth regulation from 100% to 10% of cooling capacity and possibility of working in economizer mode.
    Air cooling system in spaces is vertical, channel-free with cooled air delivering under gratings after two-speed fans Hladon 22 direct boiling air coolers which provide 45 and 90 air changes per hour to the empty net space.
    Holds are disinfected by means of ozonizer unit.
    System of controlling gas medium is provided on the ship to provide making and keeping up an atmosphere with prescribed percentage of oxygen and carbon dioxide in 8 "CA"zones.

Cargo hatches

    Vessel is equipped with hatches of clear dimensions 6.5x7.8 m. Hatch covers on upper deck are of folding type. Hatch covers of upper deck are provided with banana hatches of clear dimensions 2.5x2.5m. Tweendeck hatches are equipped with coaming-free covers of folding type. All hatch covers are provided with opening and closing hydraulic drives ensuring opening of all hatch covers simultaneously.
    Upper tweendecks are provided with watertight and heat-insulated doors of 2.0x2.0 m.

Cargo-handling gear

    Cargo-handling gear includes 8 lifting booms of 3.2 t lifting capacity each which serves cargo holds #14. The booms are mounted on guy-free cargo columns.
    Overhang of the lifting booms during a pier cargo handling is up to 4 meters.
    Lifting booms of 3.2 lifting capacity are served by electric winches.


    Level of automation, centralized control and checkup on the vessel provides maneuverability and safety of the vessel under all sailing conditions without attending personnel in engine and machinery rooms and in central control room during 24 hours a day that is in accordance with German Lloyd automation AUT mark.

2018 State Enterprise "Mykolayiv shipyard"