REEFER VESSEL 497 000 cu.ft hold capacity
+ 147 000 cu.ft ref.containers capacity

New refrigerated cargo vessel design concept is to meet the up-to-date requirements of the market:

Principal data

Length,overalab. 148,0 m
Length between perpendiculars135,8 m
Breadth21,6 m
Depth to upper deck13,1 m
Specified draft7,6 m
Summer draft9,5 m
Deadweight(at 7.60m draft)6250 t
Deadweight(at 9.5m draft)10750 t
Tonnage International Convention,1969 : GT
Ship's class:GL +100 5 "Refrigerated Cargo Ship",
"Equipped for carriage of containers"+MC AUT, +KAZ +CA mob
ME maximum continuous rating (MCR)11520 kW
Service speed :
at T= 7.60m
at T=9.50m
20,0 knots
18,6 knots
Navigation range12000 miles
Cargo characteristics of holds :
        -bale capacity
        -cargo area of decks
        -pallets quantity 1.0x1.2m

Container capacity:
in holds: 409 or 439
on exposed deck: 409 or 439
Total: 409 or 439

108/72 ref.
153/72 ref.
Maximum weight of deck cargo during hold loading with cargo 85 cu.ft/t2400 t

Ship's Purpose:

Propulsion Plant

    Low-speed two-stroke Main Engine 6L60MC made by Bryansk Engineering Works (Russia) by licence of MAN B & W,of 11520 kW maximum continuous rating (MCR)at 123 r.p.m. is provided.
    Electric power plant includes 4 Diesel-Generators of about 1000 kW power,400V,50Hz at cosj=0.8 each.In so doing,3 diesel-generators ensure all operating conditions of the ship including operation of the refrigerating plant of cargo holds in conditions "Cool down",operation of 72 FEU refcontainers and manoeuvring, while 1 diesel-generator is always stand by.
    The electric power plant includes one Emergency Diesel Generator of 200kW power,400V,50Hz at cosj =0.8.
    Oil-fired Auxiliary Boiler is provided of 2000 kg/hr steam capacity,7.0 atm working pressure, and exhaust gas boiler mounted at the ME gas outlet of 1700kg/hr steam capacity,7.0 atm.

Refrigerating Plant & Holds Outfit

    The refrigerating plant of cargo holds is provided with direct evaporation of Freon-22 in air coolers of holds.The plant includes 3 compressor-condenser units of 917 kW/hr capacity each at t 0 = 5 and t=40 and 3 loading s.w. pumps of 250 cu.m/hr capacity each.
    Provision is made for regulation of air circulation ratio per empty hold: 90,60 and 45 changes/hour,automatic and remote (by operator's command) defrosting hold air coolers.
    Holds are desinfected by means of ozonizer.
    The ship is provided with 4 holds devided into 17 cargo spaces which form 13 independently ventilated spaces and 9 independent temperature zones.The holds are equipped with ductless air cooling system with cooled air supply under cargo and it's vertical blow down with possibility to redistribute the air volume supplied for heat gain assimilation from sides and for cargo ventilation depending upon kind of the cargo being transported and condition of it's thermal treatment ("Cooling down" or transportation).
    In addition the holds are design for use of control atmosphere system (CA) with arrangement of portable container on the weather deck with plant for nitrogen generation from natural air and with system of O2 and CO2 content control.
    Gratings construction in holds is designed for operation of fork-lifts with pneumatic tyres and with total weight with cargo of 6 tons.

Cargo Hatches

    The vessel is provided with hatches 13.5x8.0m clear opening size.Hatch covers on the weather deck are of folding type (one fold is two-sectional and the second one-sectional).One section of each hatch cover is equipped with banana hatch with one cover of 2.5x2.5m clear opening size to ensure vessel loading by means of elevators.
    Tweendeck hatches are equipped with coamingless of folding type consisting of two folds,each of which includes 4 sections.
    All the hatch coveres are provided with hydraulic drive for opening/closing operations.

Cargo-Handling Gear

    The vessel is provided with two twin spanless el-hydraulic cranes on the turnable platform,of 2x20 t lifting capacity each.Fore crane has 24m outreach,aft crane - 20m.

2018 State Enterprise "Mykolayiv shipyard"